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Fabric Images

Imagine your swimsuit in every color, style and print. Beverly Swimwear offers many different colors and prints for any swimsuit. If you’re interested in creating a one of a kind swimsuit this is where you get the inspiration to mix and match with different color combos and stylish prints.

***There is no guarantee that the color/print of fabric may be in stock. ***

Check out all of the new fabrics available at Beverly Swimwear:


SOLIDS: 1. Red 2. Cantaloupe (not available for custom orders) 3. Yellow (SOLD OUT) 4. Forest Green (not available for custom orders) 5. Mint (SOLD OUT) 6. Light Blue (SOLD OUT) 7. Ocean Blue (not available for custom orders) 8. Blue (SOLD OUT) 9. Navy (SOLD OUT) 10. Coral Pink 11. Charcoal (not available for custom orders) 12. Black 13. White 


 STRIPES: 1. Blue/white stripes- 1/4" (not available for custom orders) 2. Green/white stripes- 1" (not available for custom orders) 3. Black/white stripes- 1/2" 4. Pink/white stripes- 1/2" (not available for custom orders) 5. Red/white stripes- 1" 6. Light Blue/white stripes (not available for custom orders) 7. Dotted Stripes (not available for custom orders) 8. Blue Gingham (SOLD OUT) 9. Black and White Chevron 10. Navy Stripes (not available for custom orders)


Dots: 1. Black with white polka dots 2. Red with white polka dots (SOLD OUT) 3. Navy with white polka dots 4. Circus dots (SOLD OUT) 5. American Stars (SOLD OUT ) 6. Spotted Paisley (SOLD OUT) 7. Leopard (SOLD OUT) 8. Tiny dots (not available for custom orders) 9. Stars (SOLD OUT)


Tribal: 1. Dark Tribal (not available for custom orders) 2. Black and White Tribal 3. Black Tribal (not available for custom orders) 4. Pink Tribal (not available for custom orders) 5. Rainbow Tribal (not available for custom orders) 6. Light Aztec (SOLD OUT) 7. Neon Tribal (SOLD OUT)  8. Big striped tribal (SOLD OUT) 9. Black Diamonds (SOLD OUT) 10. Kaleidoscope (SOLD OUT) 11. Red and Black Tribal (SOLD OUT) 12. Green and Blue Tribal (SOLD OUT) 13. Navy Aztec


Floral: 1. Purple Floral 2. Neon Floral (SOLD OUT) 3. Hawaii flowers (not available for custom orders) 4. Sunflowers (not available for custom orders) 5. Light Blue Hawaii 6. Flamingo garden (SOLD OUT) 7. Teal Hawaii 8. Light Blue Flowers (not available for custom orders) 9. Geometric Floral (not available for custom orders)  10. Red and Black Florals (SOLD OUT)11. Paradise (not available for custom orders) 12. Palm (not available for custom orders) 13. Tropical (not available for custom orders) 14. Palm Tree (not available for custom orders) 15. Dark Floral (not available for custom orders)


Abstract: 1. Heather Grey (SOLD OUT) 2. Galaxy (not available for custom orders) 3. Clouds 4. Pink Dye 5. Light Marble (only available in Poppy Peplum top) 6. Red, White, and Blue Dye 7. Grid


Miscellaneous: 1. Neon Palms (SOLD OUT) 2. Pineapple 3. Fishes 4. Starfish 5. Ballons 6. Jungle (SOLD OUT) 7. Fireworks (SOLD OUT) 8. Pink Palms 9. Seahorses (SOLD OUT) 10. Water (SOLD OUT) 11. Blue Seahorses (SOLD OUT) 12. Lemons


Lace: 1. Tribal Lace 2. Pink Floral Lace (SOLD OUT) 3. Blue Lace 4. Black Lace


***Because Beverly Swimwear is a small business so I don’t have a direct supply to my fabrics and can only provide what the fabric stores have available.

Beverly Swimwear will contact you if the fabric is no longer available.***