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About Me


Hi, I’m Beverly, I grew up on the coast of southern California. My life has been filled with perfect weather and beautiful beaches. I love to design, style and create clothes. I have been sewing for most of my life whether it be helping my mom with her quilting or creating my own clothing.

Growing up in San Diego I’ve spent a large part of my life in swimsuits. Like everyone else I always struggled to find modest swimsuits that I loved and that I could also afford. I knew I could help solve this problem not only for myself, but also for the many others that are searching for cute modest swimwear.

Once I graduated college I started a new venture by creating my own business, Beverly Swimwear, an online shop selling cute modest swimwear, giving people more options of styles at a reasonable price.

Beverly Swimwear is here to make finding a cute modest swimsuit easier. These swimsuits hit all the latest trends while still giving you a classic look that will last many seasons.

Beverly Swimwear is a company centered on giving women more stylish options while allowing you to remain modest. My goal is to give you the perfect swimsuit for you needs and for your body.

All of the swimsuits are handmade with materials purchased in the United States. I have created the patterns to best fit the everyday woman. 

Beverly Swimwear is all about giving people better options for their Modest Swimwear needs. These handmade swimsuits are cute and affordable allowing each customer to have the swimsuit they’ve always wanted.

With Beverly Swimwear you can stay fashion forward, modest, and within your budget.

Thanks for your interest in Beverly Swimwear.

Best Wishes,