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Summer, Ready or Not! It’s coming - Nice France

Written by Beverly Brooks


Posted on April 17 2017


Talking swimwear! Summer is right around the corner people. It may be hard to believe but we will be wearing sundresses, shorts and tank tops soon. If you are like me, the news above are both exciting and frightening. Yay for sun, Ney for summer body!

In the photos, I am wearing a one piece swim suit from Beverly Swimwear. I don’t know about you but I love a good one piece. I think that they give you an elegant shape and are so fun. Here is a secret: the swimsuit is made of thick material so it sucks you in at all the right places. The direction of the lines placed on the bodice bring in your waist! Cool right!?

When I partnered up with Beverly, I was beyond excited because she and I work by similar values. Her pieces are all rotated around modesty. I don’t have anything against a cute little bikini, trust me. However, I think a gal should always have a little black dress, and a comfortable, modest, flattering swimsuit that she can pop shorts over and play a round of kartoshka! (Sorry my non-Slavic clique readers, you might not get the power behind a game of hot potato. It’s another way marriages are made, so it’s a big deal) Also, if you do not come back from the middle of doom alive, you went out looking good. So it’s all good!

My Swimsuit : here ( I got a size Medium )

Post Script:

Dear lovely girl,

We all have insecurities, thing we wish to change about ourselves. This post was difficult for me because of those things. My body is not perfect, and I know no one’s is. I struggled with self image in my teen years, and even now. All we have to do is remember we were perfectly and wonderfully made. You and I , are masterpieces of God! You are more priceless than any jewel! Look forward to summer, because you will rock it!




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