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SECRET BEACH by Auteur Ariel

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on October 27 2016

Swimsuit: c/o Beverly Swimwear
Roundie: c/o SwimZip
Sunglasses: H&M
Hey there.
Remember me?
My name is Ariel if you forgot...
But for real, welcome BACK to my blog!
I apologize for the month of radio silence on here but when you're juggling a bunch of priorities in life, one of them is bound to eventually fall, roll under under the couch, and get covered in a dust for a bit. And unfortunately, that priority ended up being my blog. But after some groveling and begging for forgiveness, Auteur Ariel and I have finally made amends and we are BACK IN BUSINESS baby!
With long breaks come a looooot of catching up to do. I have about 4-5 outfits still to post that feature my old hair and previous seasons so please bear with me as we take a visit to the past for a bit! :)
Today's post is from our trip back home to Hawaii for my brother's wedding (back in June, hehe)! During our short visit I was able to squeeze in a stop at one of my favorite beaches on the island. It's a bit of a walk to get to and most people/tourists don't know about it so it's perfect for a day of peace and relaxation. When you're from a vacation destination, it's almost impossible to go to a beach that isn't overrun by tourists so I always tend to spend my time in the lesser known areas of Hawaii. It's one of the perks of being able to call this island my home.
If you're going on vacation somewhere warm or you just live in a forever summer climate, make sure you check out Beverly Swimwear and SwimZip! Beverly Swimwear has custom-made swimmies that are so cute and flattering to the body, and SwimZip has awesome roundie towels that are necessary for the beach! Just because it's nearing the cold seasons, doesn't mean the beach partying needs to stop. ;)

Okay guys, I PROMISE this time I'm sticking to posting AT LEAST twice a week.
I said it.
Now you can hold me to it.

Btw, I'm always posting on my Snapchat and Instagram so if you want to stay updated with my life make sure you follow me there!

As always guys, keep it classy.




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