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Written by Beverly Brooks


Posted on May 13 2017

Blog post from TAUSH.O

AH! I cannot believe it has been a week since we’ve been home from the Dominican Republic. I seriously have a thousand pictures on my phone and camera – plus pictures from everyone else  – that I can’t stop going through. Take me back!!! It was such a fun week filled with walks on the beach, lots of food, swimming, family & so much happiness. As soon as we finalized our travel plans I started shopping for clothes to take with me! Anyone else feel like they need a new wardrobe every vacation? I knew that since I would be living in swimsuits that I needed a full coverage but adorable swimsuit to take with me. I’m all for a little bikini and tanning my booty off – but I knew we had some fun adventures planned that would require more coverage. 

BevSwim has been a favorite of mine for years, I mean – check out this instagram feed. After perusing Beverly’s amazing handmade suits I decided on the Poppy Peplum in Blue with coordinating Cantaloupe bottoms. You better believe I put that baby on the second is arrived in the mail box. 

Then I just anxiously counted down till our snorkeling adventure and gosh – I got compliments from every person on our private tour. It is the most flattering suit (pooch cover boyaah!) and holds everything in all the right places. I wasn’t scared about anything falling out while I was snorkeling or the bottoms riding up while running down the beach.

Insane right? Most flattering award ever. I felt like a million bucks and THAT is an amazing feeling to have when you are a mom in a swimsuit (ladies, you feel me?) Plus, the hubby loved it – so win/win/win.

You can read more about BevSwim here – and in the meantime, while you try to pick out which suit you’d like, get some inspiration from Instagram!




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