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Post Pregnancy Body made better with Belly Bandit!

Written by Beverly Brooks


Posted on January 26 2018

I recently had my first child and have experienced a whole new world filled with firsts. It was the most incredible experience giving birth to my beautiful baby boy. After the insane high from giving birth to the most perfect baby, you start to realize how different your body has changed and begin the recovery process. Before your first child you really have no clue what your are getting your body into. Birth is such a miracle, but the recovery is not so glamorous. 

I want to share with you my favorite brand that really helped me get my body back  The Belly Bandit made my postpartum bod happy, comfortable, and sexy again! Being in the swimsuit business I need to feel confident in my body to show off my swimsuit styles to all of you. 

I wore this band shortly after giving birth and noticed my belly getting back to size quicker than I imagined. This product works! It definitely got my body back fast. You can wear it when you sleep or throughout the day. Click here to shop the same thing I used: Belly Bandit "B.F.F. Belly Wrap"

I also use their incredible nursing bra. They are so comfortable and supportive, I wear mine constantly. My favorite thing about it is I am able to wear this bra on my hikes and long walks with my baby. It is so comfortable and makes it really easy to nurse on the go. Here is the link to the nursing bra: BDA BRA



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