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Packing List for Kauai - Essential Items for Travel

Written by Beverly Brooks


Posted on June 10 2017

1. SunglassesSPY OPTIC

Spy has a great line of sunglasses for women! I took 4 pairs on my trip to Kauai. I needed to have sunglasses for Hawaii because while on vacation I try to be out and about all the time and in Hawaii the Sun is out all of the time!

Sunglasses were especially useful on our boat tour of the Na Pali Coast. Spy has their signautre HAPPY LENS and I could notice the high quality. Definitely recommend them :)

Below are the Spy products I used and loved. Click images to shop.



2. Beach TowelsTESALATE

In Hawaii we spent almost every day at the beach and great beach towels were a must have! When I found Tesalate towels on Instagram, I was first drawn to their adorable prints. They have so many different styles in bright fun colors that would match anyones style. I knew I had to bring them on my trip.

These beach towels were so easy to pack they barely took up any space in my bag. Once on the beaches of Hawaii I really fell in love with these towels. They don't pick up any sand! As soon as we were done with laying out on the beach we gave our towels one good shake and they were clean. Nothing stuck to them. We also brought them on hikes to waterfalls to dry off quickly and to wrap around to keep warm at times. 

Tesalate towels are perfect for traveling because they are compact, dry quickly, and stay clean use after use. I will definitely bring these on every trip.

Below are the Tesalate products I used and loved. Click images to shop.

3. SunblockSUN BUM

Obviously you want to always protect your skin! Sun Bum has a wide range of products for protecting your face and body. Not only does Sun Bum work, they all smell amazing! I used Standard SPF sunblock, Zinc, SPF Face Stick for my face, Chapstick, and the Cool down Lotion.

The sunblock lasted us the whole trip after being outside all day long every day. The cool down lotion was nice for the nights because in Hawaii you gets lots of sunshine  :)

Below are the Sun Bum products I used. Click images to shop.


4. Beverly Swimwear

Bring several of your favorite swimsuits! Beverly Swimwear is perfect for active days and for relaxing layout days in Hawaii. The coverage keeps you protected from the sun and the rough waves of the ocean.

5. Hiking Sandals

We went on so many hikes! Find sandals that are comfortable and break them in before your trip. You want some that you don't mind getting wet and trekking through muddy spots with. I got these sandals pictured below and they worked great!

6. Snorkeling Gear

There is some great snorkeling at Tunnels Beach on the North Shore of Kauai. We saw several turtles, a monk seal, and endless amounts of fish.

7. Hat with Sun Coverage

I picked up one of those bigger straw hats at a local surf shop before we left for Kauai. It was nice to get some extra sun protection on my entire face and shoulders. Pictured below I am meeting some wild horses after a long kayak up the Wailua River, an unexpected surprise that made for a great memory. 

8. Shirt & Shorts Cover up

I wore several different cover-ups. Dresses are always a good and easy option along with some cute lightweight shorts and a basic tee. 

9. Camera - Iphone 7 & Canon EOS Rebel T6i

You will want to take pictures of all the beautiful views. Having a cell phone camera handy at all times is a must with the iPhone 7 you can get it wet, which helps while on the island. Bringing a nicer camera to get some quality photos is a nice bonus. It seems like every tourist visiting Hawaii has a fancy DSLR. 

If you have any questions about the products I used or my trip to Kauai, email me at Bev@BeverlySwimwear.com




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