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Mom & Baby Products

Written by Beverly Brooks


Posted on July 30 2018

I want to share some products that have been great for me or my baby. Some of these are essentials, while others are nice to have.

CAMERA MONITOR - The Lollipop is high quality, sleek, and well designed camera. There is an APP to link directly to your phone, which is perfect for checking in on baby during the night or during naps. When baby cries I can check first to see if he needs attention or if he will be fine. The Lollipop is able to play music, white noises, or you can even talk through it via your phone and the APP. This is a must have! 


HIGH CHAIR - The high chair I have is modern and easy to clean! It's the perfect high chair for my baby. My sister had it and when I tried it I liked how it was easy to wipe down and how the design is so functional. I had to get my own from Amazon :)

Pre Natal Vitamins - These are great vitamins to take while trying to get pregnant, while pregnant, and during nursing. See instructions for how many to take daily. I was recommended these by a fitness coach. 

 Vitamin D for Baby - Pediatricians recommend giving this to baby for their first year. It's a must get for babies! 


Cod Liver / Oil Blend - This stuff doesn't taste the best, but a health coach told me its good to take during pregnancy and breast feeding.  

Shop these & more at my Amazon Recommended page here: 



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