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Bohemian Bunnie visits Italy with her favorite Beverly Swimwear suit

Written by Beverly Brooks


Posted on August 30 2017


Verona, Italia

I’m not sure an Italian bed and breakfast can get any more picturesque than this. This was my fourth visit to Verona, and first time just outside of the city. A pool, spacious apartments and a wine bar with local wine that puts you in the right Italian state of mind, it was the first time I felt like I was on a vacation in years. I ate my weight in polpettes (little vegan eggplant balls) fresh figs and Amarone, a wine specifically from the Verona region. The most perfect place to sit at the pool, put back a few two three bottles of wine, wake up in the afternoon and repeat. Vintage vibes only in this joint with a suit from Beverly Swimwear, turban from Jennafer Gracious and jewels from Setara Jewelry.

I’m in love with the combo of this crescent moon and green quartz necklace.

A little snake charmer ring by Cloud Ranch Jewelry.

Ciao, my Italian bunnies!

Vintage Bathing Suit Beverly Swimwear / Turban Jennafer Gracious / Jewels Setara Jewelry / Snake RingCloud Ranch Jewelry

Photography by Ashley Marie Myers



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