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Beauty Life Coach - Beverly Swimwear High Waisted Bikini

Written by Beverly Brooks


Posted on July 19 2017

Written By Michelle Hammons (Beauty Life Coach)

One thing I absolutely love about collaborating with Beverly Swimwear, is the fact that their gorgeous suits are so versatile! I truly believe that this company has a suit for every body type.


I wanted to show two looks from Beverly Swimwear. The top and the high waisted bottoms are from Beverly Swimwear and this is definitely a new look for me. However, since this is on trend, I wanted to try it out and show you guys how cute it is! My husband even loved this look! Beverly swimwear has so many cute styles that you can mix and match to create the suit that is perfectly fitted for your body type!!

With the second look, I paired the Beverly Swimwear top with some of my favorite Victoria’s Secret bottoms. I thought it would be fun to mix and match these two pieces to add color and interest. Honestly, I feel more comfortable in these bottoms because they’re similar to the ones I usually wear, but I also liked the high waisted ones.




Which style do you like the best? Definitely follow Beverly swimwear on all their social media outlets for a great deals, discounts and style inspiration!

Here are a few other styles, check them out here and let me know what you think. Have you ever tried a high waisted bathing suit, and what are your favorite one piece suits? I would love to try new styles out!



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