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Bamboo Bed Sheets from Cariloha - Best Sheets Ever!

Written by Beverly Brooks


Posted on August 03 2017

Nothing is better after a long day in the sun or on the beach than coming home at night to a comfortable bed. That is where you spend 1/3 of you life! It's worth it to spend that time in nice soft sheets.

I started using Cariloha bamboo sheets a couple years ago, and I have LOVED them! I just changed bed sizes, so I needed to get my third set of Cariloha sheets. The first 2 sets I had were Classic Bed Sheets and with a new bed I decided to upgrade and got their Resort Bed Sheets in ivory. Both styles get you the soft bamboo feel, the Resort style is very smooth and has a pretty sheen on the sheets. The resort ones are fancier, so I'd say go with whatever works for your budget from Cariloha. 

I have always loved the look, feel, and natural organic aspect of my Cariloha sheets and will be a lifetime customer!

Sheets I just got: Resort Bamboo Bed Sheets - Ivory




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