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Baby Favorite Must Haves!

Written by Beverly Brooks


Posted on March 20 2018

Being a new pregnant mom it was pretty overwhelming trying to figure out which baby products to get for the baby on the way. There are so many options and you want the best of the best for your new baby. 

I wanted to make a quick list of some of my favorite baby products that have helped me out and made being a mama much easier. I linked all of the photos to the companies where you can purchase them. 


I was gifted a few different swaddles for our new baby, but the Ollie Swaddle was my boys favorite one. This swaddle is a nice stretchy strong material that was so comforting for my baby as he was learning to sleep through the night. 


Baby Nap Time Bed

The Dockatot is a great product to help my baby during nap times. It is comfortable and comforting for him to sleep in. We also used it while we were traveling or when we co-slept with our baby. They have great colors to choose from and it is easy to clean. 


Baby Carriers

We loved carrying our baby close to us while we went on our daily walks. This carrier from Lille Baby we were able to use it for a long time since he was an infant to now being 6 months old. We got the mesh carrier, which is great for living in warmer climates or summer time. The support is really comfortable for both baby and me. 


Shopping cart Hammock

This product was just too cute for me to not buy. I love the prints Binxy Baby has available for their baby hammocks. Grocery shopping was so much easier and fun for the both of us. He loved being able to look around the store and be comfortable in the cart. 


Diaper Bag

I loved this cute functional diaper bag from Baby Bear Outfitters. The stripes are so adorable that matches with everything. There are so many pockets and stops for every little baby things you need as you go place to place. I took this bag with be everywhere!


Nursing Cover

Covered Goods has some great nursing covers that are multi functional. I loved the fabrics they came in and the covers are too easy to carry with me everywhere I go. I use these covers every day multiple times a day and they are high quality!


Baby Blankets

The softest coziest blankets I received are my Baby Tula blankets. I love every single print they have. I bring one of these blankets everywhere we go. They keep him warm on our walks and are great for him to play on. 


Baby Clothes

There are so many different places to buy baby clothes. Here are two places I love that are comfortable, soft and make dressing my baby boy so easy.

Rad Revolution Kids is an adorable small business that sells handmade clothing. I have loved using their pants and we purchased a cute swim top for my little water loving boy. They are so cute!


Eleanora & co have adorable onesies that are made with a zipper. It makes changing my baby so easy! All the zippers are contrasting colors, which is so adorable. I loved this onesie my boy wear and need to purchase more soon. 





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