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Deidre Emme in the Boss Bikini

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on February 29 2016

Spring Break Guide: Bev Swim

If you haven’t caught on yet these next few weeks is covering all things Spring Break. I have teamed up with my girl Kaylynn to share our Spring Break Guide. Last week I shared a few basic things like a bag and hair tips – but now we are diving into the real must haves of swimsuits. The best part about going away for Spring Break is all the swimsuits that you have to buy. I say have to because that is always my excuse for getting new suits.

Almost everyone I know plans their spring break for somewhere warm that they can lay by the pool. Get some sun. And just soak it all in. And that is why we decided it was important to focus a lot of our Spring Break Guide on swimsuits. Especially because most people are just barely starting to get their’s out on the floor – so we all need some good ideas of places to shop for swimsuits year round. Today we are starting with Beverly Swimwear – Ben Swim for short – and her custom suits or as I like to call them a vintage style modest swimwear dream.






Swimsuit: Bev Swim
Coverup: Pink Blush
Flip Flops: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Target

I picked out the Boss Bikini from Bev Swim. I loved the cut of the bottoms – high waist and full booty coverage. All the suits from Bev Swim are handmade and made to order. Her site says it can take at least one week to get the suit but I got mine in about 5 days, which to me is a killer time frame for a handmade suit! I was able to just pick a size from her size chart, but if you are wanted it a little more tailored you can send Bev your sizing to make sure your sizing is spot on. She has a ton of awesome patterns and fun colors to make sure you have a unique suit as well. If you want a suit that you know has some TLC  then Bev Swim is the way to go – because like I said, she hand makes them all. There is no huge machinery pushing out suits.

To give you a little insight into my sizing – I am generally a 10 or a 12, mostly a 12. So I went with a large from Bev Swim. Her site says if you are in between two sizes go with the smaller of the two, but I felt more comfortable going with a large or a medium because I don’t love when things cut at all. You know what I mean? The size large fit me perfectly and it looked just like it did on the model with the same amount of skin showing, gap between high waisted bottoms and monokini top.



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