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Among The Young - Kaylynn in the Elevated Evie

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on February 23 2016

Spring Break Guide: Beverly Swimwear

My friend Deidre and I had this fabulous idea – why not showcase a bunch of awesome products for Spring Break? Sounds fun, right? Then reality sunk in – I’d have to wear a SWIMSUIT on my BLOG? Terrified does not even come close to covering it guys. There were sleepless nights and many a gut-ache over how I would pull this off. The thing I kept coming back to was something another friend of mine used to say, “Do something that scares you EVERY DAY.” Well this was it – and I say it qualified for several days. 

First up on our Spring Break swimsuit guide is Bev Swim. Beverly Swimwear has some of the cutest suits around. Vintage, one-piece, tankinis, all the good stuff. And the fabrics and patterns? TOO cute!


Beverly Swimwear

Guys, I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m normally pretty comfortable in my own skin… but three months after having a baby? Yikes. Not so much. The female body is absolutely amazing, so why do I look in the mirror and criticize? I know it’s ridiculous, yet still I do it. (Drives handsome CRAZY!)

Beverly Swimwear

Thank goodness for spray tans.
Thank goodness for high waist (vintage) bottoms. (high five to Beverly swimwear!)
Thank goodness for indoor pools.
Otherwise, none of this would have happened. 


Beverly Swimwear


Part of me was super tempted to go in and photoshop these pics – you know, smooth this over, make myself skinnier, add a little more tan – scouts honor I did not. Promise. This is me babes. Three months after having a baby (technically two babies, but we’ll let that slide, right?) and showing swimsuits to the entire internet. Bring it on. 

Moral of the story? Women never feel comfortable in their own skin. I think back to when I was in the best shape of my life and wasn’t happy – I was still looking in the mirror and looking for areas to shrink, tone, tighten, etc. Get out there, put your swimsuit on (make sure it’s a freaking fabulous swimsuit that you feel AWESOME in) and go live. That is just as much for me as it is for any other woman out there. Stop nit-picking. Go be fabulous. 


Beverly Swimwear


Turban: Blu Taylor
Kimono: Agnes and Dora
Swimsuit: Beverly Swimwear 


Beverly Swimwear


This suit is definitely a must have for spring break – I absolutely LOVE the fabric (it’s called “black clouds”) and it’s absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to go frolic at the pool with my littles in this bad boy! 


Beverly Swimwear


Be sure to check out how my girl Deidre styled her Beverly Swim suit – she’s such a babe!



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