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'Dream a Little Bigger' dreams of Bev Swim suits!

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on October 09 2015

Do you ever do something and then realize you messed up? I’m so excited because this summer I am going to be spending quite some time at the ocean. I love to swim, to be outside and to be in the sun. I know you’re not supposed to like the sun and being so fair I burn like the dickens if I’m not careful but I still like it. We all have our vices I suppose and I do use sunscreen. I still like things (even bikinis) to leave a bit to the imagination.

I’ve been researching this a lot. Like a ton and I’ve found that it can be a royal pain to find suits that

  • are affordable
  • are unique/cute/sexy looking
  • don’t let your ass hang out everywhere

Sorry for the graphic nature of that last bullet point there but seeing the backsides of some of these suits had my eyes shooting wide open and a quick, not in this lifetime, buddy coming out of my mouth.

So here are 108 bathing suits that are:

  • Cost less than $100
  • Are super cute or sexy or just plain unique and fun
  • Have moderate (cheekier) to modest booty coverage

Let’s get it, shall we? Here you’ll see both the front and the backside of the suits so you can see if it’s something you’re interested in. Click the pic to go through get more details or purchase. Remember that things sell out and prices change…

And be sure to let me know your favorite or links to something awesome I missed in the comments below!




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