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Pink Wings shows off her Favorite Bev Swim!

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on October 09 2015

Pink Wings: Sweets, Style and Such


I had an amazing weekend. The hubs and I drove all the way down to College Station, TX to visit an old friend of mine. We met in Korea when I was an exchange student at his university and he came to the US of A just for a month, so of course I had to make the trip to visit him...when else will we be in the same hemisphere?? The weather was amazing down in TX and I think we brought it back with us because it was in the 80's here yesterday! Hubby and I took a drive to the nearby lake to enjoy it.

I've been loving the high-waisted swimsuits coming out lately. I got this one from Beverly Swimwear.

I adore this shop! I was looking around for a good swimsuit before I found them, but it's so hard to shop for a swimsuit online because I'm very particular! I'm super flat, so I like some help in that area...but even if I find a padded swimsuit it's usually not a design I like. So I was thinking that maybe I could put in my own pads, but it's hard to tell online if the swimsuit has an opening for that!

Well, the awesome thing about Beverly is that they are almost like your own personal tailor. Everything is made to order, so you choose the design then choose what fabric you want. My favorite design was this one, and I was tempted to get the exact one in the picture but I decided I wanted something slightly more conservative...so I just told them exactly what I wanted and they whipped it up! I asked beforehand about the whole chest thing...so they sent me a top without cups  so that I could slip in my own :) AND I asked for an XS top and a S bottom (I've got a bit of a badonkadonk), no problem.

I was going back and forth between leopard or stripes. Did I make a good choice?



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