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What's your Inspiration?

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on November 12 2014

I started Beverly Swimwear to give myself and others better options in the search for Modest swimwear. Whether you are at the pool, lake, or sea modest swimsuits are rarely seen. I launched the Beverly Swimwear website back in May 2011 with the intent to make fashion forward modest swimsuits that are affordable. I knew the struggle to suits that covered and were comfortable with a stylish fresh look. 


Now one piece swimsuits are more trendy, accessible, and stylish. It has been a happy site for all of us in the search to find the perfect swimsuit that keeps you stylish, covered, and sexy. With many more modest swimsuit options available to the public, it is now important to keep my Bev Swim swimsuits unique so they stand out from the rest of the one pieces, tankinis, and vintage bikinis out there. 


This is where inspiration comes in. Inspiration can be tricky to find. I am often asked, "how did you come up with your designs?" And that was always a difficult questions for me to answer. Inspiration is all around us. Whether in be in the colors of the flowers in your potted plants or the shapes of a skyline you can be inspired by all. 


In the majority of my designs I do my best to do things that I haven't seen before in a swimsuit. My inspiration comes from a variety of different sources: Vintage, Surf, Fashion Trends. and Nature. 


Vintage Swimsuits: I love the classic looks of old fashioned swimsuits. Their design is so clean and simple that it stands the test of time. Retro fashion inspires us all as we look to what has been done and do our best to perfect or enhance the designs. Vintage style swimsuits are generally modest, which is appealing to those on the hunt to stay covered. 


Surf Swimsuits: Growing up in San Diego I have always been surrounded by the surfing culture. I try to make my Modest swimsuits with a carefree relaxed yet athletic style.  Making Beverly Swimwear suits able to work in all types of swimming situations: waterparks, boating trips, surfing, and all other types of water sports. Surfing suits are all about being practical and cute so you stand out on the beach. One pieces and tankinis are perfect for water sports keeping you covered modest and comfortable during any water activity. 


Fashion Trends: There's absolutely no way any designer can not be inspired by the designs of others. I do my best to keep up with the hot trends of the year. The majority of swim line trends are immodest tiny bikinis. I do my best to take the trends and spin them around to work with the modest swimsuits I want to add to my Bev Swim collection. Every summer incorporates something new: fringe, color-blocking, flowy tops, and high waist bottoms. Here are a few one pieces that I wish I designed.


Nature:  This is what inspires me to most while I'm designing new swimsuits. There is so much beauty in this world and I am so grateful for the ability to interrupt what I see or feel in my designs. Modest swimsuits are my passion and I love making new things whether it is the silhouette, color combination, or new techniques. And with natures beautiful colors, shapes, and views it can inspire anyone no matter what they may do. Nature is the greets creation of all.  





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