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My Favorite Summertime Accessories

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on September 25 2014

This summer has been one amazing summer filled with work and sunshine. I was lucky enough to try out a few different products from my favorite etsy finds this summer. Here is a list of all my favorite beach time accessories that go perfectly with my modest swimming suits. 

#1 Cotton Beach Towel:

This beach towel has been my favorite necessary beach accessory. I found these towels off of etsy. They have amazing colors, made in turkey and with a bohemian flare. This towel gives you a lot of room to wiggle around as you lay out on the beach while avoiding that pesky sand. These bright fun basic colors go great with a rustic vintage vibe styled swimsuit. I used mine everyday and keep it with be everywhere I go, whether it be at the beach or park or pool. 


#2 Clutch and Beach Bag

This beach bag from Jane on Etsy saved me this summer. While at the beach or lake you don't want to carry home extra sand or dirt. The mesh styled bag keeps your things together and clean without having to carry sand home with you. I loved that it was small enough to fit just about everything I needed for a relaxed beach day. The clutch allowed me to keep things tight and concealed while the Jane Maiden bag let me carry all I can easily and accessible with no extra sand. 


# Beach Jewelry


My favorite beach styled jewelry to match with my favorite Beverly Swimwear suits. The anchor necklace was so adorable, bright, and dainty and fit great with the nautical Spotty Prep swimsuit. I was able to pair this not only with my swimsuits, but great with any causal outfit or great for dressing up as well. 


The silver necklace was very classic and one of a kind piece from KerriTilbury on Etsy. This piece looked so great with my classic styled suit. It is definitely a stand out piece that made people notice you with a one of a kind look. 



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