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5 Beach Essentials according to Bugs & Beans

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on September 04 2014

Swimsuit season is here, for some, but for us Ohioans it’s not quite hot enough…BUT it’s soooo close!

For me my swimsuit season is going in about a month, when I head to Cancun for my husband and I’s 10th year anniversary! We are super excited to go, and have been thinking of nothing but THAT for months!

So with that being said, here is my 5 Must Have Beach Essentials: 1. Beverly Swimwear Swimsuit

I love all of these Must Have Essentials but…THAT SWIMSUIT…I absolutely love it! The tribal design with the red and blue stripe is so slimming.

This is the Shape Up swimsuit from Beverly’s site, she had to alter mine a bit since I’m long-waisted that’s why the red stripe is there…so this is a custom design, and I thank her for being flexible with my long torso!

Have you heard of Beverly Swimwear before? A few facts I love about her and her site:

  • All handmade by Beverly herself
  • She grew up on the coast of Southern California
  • She has been sewing for most of her life
  • Cute yet modest swimsuits
  • Reasonably priced
  • All materials are purchased in the United States
  • She can customize the swimsuit to better fit your body

The material of the suit is very durable yet flexible, and I love that it’s handmade by Beverly’s hands herself!

Please visit her site, you’ll get lost in the adorableness of her suits! I did!






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