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The House of Shoes tries on a Bev Swim

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on September 04 2014

As usual, I meant to post sooner, but alas life happened as it always does. 
Which is ok! So here we are. Anyhoo- here's the retro swimsuit
review I promised. I've been super excited about this for a while!
I'm a little self-conscious of photos of myself in a swimsuit....so please do be kind lol!
My whole life I've been annoyed that I could never find a modest, one piece swimsuit that didn't look like something a froo-froo grandma would wear in the 90's. And most importantly, if I ever DID find a vintage/ modest swimsuit, it was always way waaaaay out of my price range. 
Well not anymore, ladies!
Beverly Swimwear is a vintage-inspired swimsuit shop online with affordable prices!
Every suit is completely customizeable too. Once you pick the suit you want, you can also pick what  patterns (stripes, polkadots, etc) and colors you want. 
You can even get my suit in a totally different color palette!

You also send in your exact measurements to ensure the suit fits you well.
Beverly sews each swimsuit herself, too- so you know each one is a quality suit!
Here is an example of  how much $$$ suits of this type usually go for. I used to dream of owning this outlandishly expensive Modcloth  suit at a whopping $106 dollars. Or this option for $124 dollars. And that's BEFORE shipping!
I literally can't imagine spending around $140 just for a swimsuit.
Beverly's prices are unbeatable, especially for a handmade suit that is completely customizeable to your style.
Last of all, I think my very favorite part about my swimsuit is that it's modest.
It can be very frustrating when the only cute options in swimwear are bikinis!
Personally I choose not to wear bikinis, and I have always had 
the hardest time finding cute one-pieces.
I am beyond thrilled with my new retro swimsuit!

P.S. Beverly is also a total peach to work with. We had a slight issue with my order, so I emailed her about it and she always answers right away and fixed the problem immediately. She even re-made my swimsuit for me! 
She is very professional and extremely nice. 
From start to finish I highly recommend Beverly Swimwear.
So go visit Beverly Swimwear and check out her handmade creations :)



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