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Lucky features Beverly Swimwear custom suits

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on September 04 2014


Ummm swimsuits...the last thing usually from my pregger mind. But you can still look cute in a swimsuit. Beverly Swimwear has the CUTEST variety of suits. From old fashioned bikinis to vintage one pieces. They are so tasteful and classy. I adore each and every suit I have seen from her. Mine was originally a high waisted bikini, being pregnant I needed the belly support and had her make it a one piece. I love the colors and the quality. I can't wait to purchase more suits from her store. You get what you pay for. You can completely customize your own suit. She has so many fabric choices, cut of bikini, tankini, one piece. I was worried about the boob support, I do have big boobs to begin with add the baby and they are double sized. This suit holds them in well. I will link all her social media sites below. It is so weird seeing the baby bump.

Now I know I don't have the cute size 00 body. Believe me I have always wanted to be that girl. And being in a swimsuit on my blog is really a huge step to accepting my body, my size. One of the biggest insecurities I have. So this is a really really hard thing to post. I have deleted it a million times. But here we go.





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