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New Mom's Style: Beverly Swimwear Edition

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on September 04 2014


A couple weekends ago, Davis and I decided to do a bit of Spring cleaning. Yes, we’re well aware that it is nearing the end of Summer. Better late than never, right? After spending two and a half days cooped up inside, cleaning and organizing, all three of us were going stir crazy. So, at 4 p.m. on a Sunday, I made the executive decision to go down to play at the pool. We were all excited to get out of the house and I was excited to finally put on this adorable bathing suit from Beverly Swimwear! I found Beverly Swimwear on Instagram (surprise, surprise) and Beverly sent over an extra bathing suit that she had on hand. She sews all of her suits and has made some amazing custom suits! I was a little envious of the bloggers who’ve gotten custom suits until I put on this little number.


Custom or not, this bathing suit was so flattering. I’m only 5’2″ and I’ve never liked the way a one piece bathing suit makes my body look. Two pieces have suited me well so far, but I’ve really been itching to find a trendy one piece for playing at the pool. Since I’ve become a wife and a mom, I’ve become oddly aware of how much of my skin is showing. I don’t mean that I am embarrassed of the way my body looks, because I am much better shaped now than I ever have been (by the grace of God and the power of breastfeeding)! I just mean that I buy my skirts a little longer now, my skin-tight dresses don’t feel quite right, and I have retired all of my cut-offs. (Don’t get me wrong, I still bust out a “sexy” skirt every now and then for a night out on the town with my husband, like the one I wore a few weeks ago.) Beverly’s whole goal in creating her swimwear is to “give women more stylish options while allowing you to remain modest.” She has definitely accomplished that. I also love the ability of a one piece to double as a shirt while playing at the pool or at the beach! When I got ready to walk down to the pool, I just threw a skirt on over my swimsuit! This one has an open back, so it gives a much sexier impression than most one pieces would.



I look forward to purchasing a swimsuit from her that I can pretend is a perfectly normal tank top! For me, playing at the pool prep should be minimal. A quick coat of mascara, a rub down of sunscreen, a hat, and whatever I need to cover up en route to the pool. Convenience is always a plus in the mommy world (and the fashion world). It’s also notable that this particular swimsuit would be extremely convenient to breastfeed in! (Come on, you knew I had to throw that in there!) I’m eyeing this one piece from Beverly Swimwear, but I’m also interested in the possibility of a custom swimsuit. Either way, you’ll definitely see more from Beverly Swimwear on Beauty and the Binky!









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