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Short Broke and Happy in her Vintage Bikini from Bev swim

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on September 04 2014

I’ve spoken to you guys about how much I am into one piece swimsuits lately. Well, the same goes for high-waisted bikinis. I love that I can still wear a bikini but at the same time cover up any areas I’m not comfortable with the world seeing right now. (post preggo belly ::cough cough::)

This suit by Beverly Swimwear is amazing. I really love how high the bottom is and the best part is it doesn’t roll down which I’ve seen other bottoms this high do. It’s extremely comfortable and super flattering. Most of all, I LOVE the vintage look of this bikini. Vintage style bikinis are so popular this season and this one is right on the money. Of course I had to pair this vintage look with some red lips and fun heart shaped sunglasses.

Beverly Swimwear not only sells these awesome high-waisted bikinis in an array of prints and colors but also offers beautiful one pieces and tankinis. You can check them all out here.






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