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Deidre Emme posts about her Beverly Swimwear suit!

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on September 04 2014

Since January I have really been working on trimming down, and while there have been a few hiccups, overall I am feeling a lot more confident in myself. But, while I have been in the process of working out and getting in shape I have also been working with Beverly Swimwear for a new vintage-kini. And since I was a 12 and am on my way to a ten, I asked her to make mine in a 10. I figure, eventually I will be there so I wanted to get a suit that would work for that bod. Which brings me to why I have been nervous to share these photos. I am allllmost a ten, but not quite, but I really wanted to share my new swimsuit with all of you! So. Here you go! My custom swimsuit from Beverly Swimwear.



Okay. So now that I have all my insecurities laid out and I have told you why I have been keeping these photos underwraps, let me tell you about Beverly Swimwear. All the suits are made by Beverly. And she is the absolute sweetest. She puts together any colors, fabrics, and whatnot that you want. She custom makes the suit for your size. And she is happy to alter the suit in little ways to make it best for you. After a couple weeks of checking out her site almost every single day I decided I had to have one. I picked the Tri-Color-Kini. I felt like it would hide my little flaws that I was still working on while giving me the suit type I wanted. I was a little worried about the lack of straps on the top, and when I mentioned it to Beverly she said, “No problem, I can add one!” Perfect. When I was trying to decide what colors to choose I couldn’t. She has a lot of options and I am undeceive, so I sent her an email and said “I want something fun and bright, just surprise me!” And the suit she sent me is perfection. Fun, bright, and the perfect fit. She lines everything and the quality is high ten. If you are looking for a new suit, go check her out! She has tons of styles, tons of color options, and she is easy to work with! From ordering to having the suit at my house it was about 10 days… and she HAND MADE IT TO FIT MY BODY! I cannot say that part enough. If I am ever rich I am having all my clothing custom made, it is so much more comfortable.

When I wear the suit I have no concerns and I can just go out and be myself. No tugging or pulling at the suit. And even with my little body struggles, I feel like a babe in my custom swimmer. Is that okay if I call myself a babe? So let’s get back to where this all started. Yeah, I have a few body issues but who cares!? I shouldn’t be nervous to go for a swim. And I shouldn’t be nervous to share these photos with you. Also… if I can make Adam take these photos at the public pool at our apartment, I most def shouldn’t be embarrassed to share them on the blog. What is the point of summer if I can’t go for a swim? Right? Right.






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