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Cheers to Novelty features Beverly Swimwear

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on April 02 2014

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the slightly warmer weather spring is bringing our way. :)
Today is a special product review post with the lovely Beverly Swimwear
Beverly Swimwear is all about giving people better options for their Modest Swimwear needs. These handmade swimsuits are customizable and affordable allowing each customer to have the swimsuit they've always wanted. With Beverly Swimwear you can stay fashion forward, modest and within your budget.
I had the pleasure of working with Beverly of Beverly Swimwear on a custom swimsuit! It was super exciting and she had a variety of fun and classy prints in stock for me to choose from. Remember guys, her whole collection is handmade... which means you can work with her on a very customized look and fit. Pieces range from $45 -$70.
I don't know about you guys but I'm a huge fan of showing too much skin-- especially when you are near water and swimming around! I'm just too active to wear bikinis. This would be fine if our fashion industry still offered tankinis and one piece suits for all age groups but I rarely see modest swimsuits that will fit me or fit my style. It's a shame really!

When I came across Beverly Swimwear.. I was really stunned by what they had to offer. Beverly incorporates retro fashions with modern patterns for high waisted two pieces and other very unique one pieces. The one that caught my eye was the Skirted Suzan-- a 2 piece dress and shorts (sold separately). It was immediately fitting for not just my body type and personality, but also great for everyone who wants more butt/thigh coverage (raises hand!).
I actually ordered the wrong size for this suit and Beverly was SO kind and said she could take it in for me because it was too big. I shipped it back to her and she works so fast you guys! She cinched it in really well and now, it fits like a glove!

The only issue I came across was that the lining that makes my sweetheart top likes to flare outward and show the sewing lining behind it where the fabric has been cut. It's not a big problem and I can just reposition my top. I have a feeling it is because I had to get it resized so it was originally made bigger (which was entirely my fault since I read her sizing wrong). Just make sure to read the size chart and ask Beverly any questions you have and you will be in GREAT hands. I'm also very much used to padding in swimsuits so just having a lining was a big change. But Beverly Swimwear now offers bra cup inserts so you're all set if you need them.
I thought the pattern was very fun and vibrant for a summer swimsuit but still muted enough by the black to match my style since I'm typically a more simple print gal. In photos, the light made this print look dimmer than it was. In real life, the first picture above showing the skirt print is really how vibrant it is. I think this print looks great in sunkissed lighting! The red turns coral and blends nicely with the blue and teal. Just look at her craftsmanship. Her sewing is stupendous! Here are some examples of what her sewing on the inside looks likes!
The length of my top was just enough to cover my upper thighs. It's flirty and kind of dressy for a swimsuit--which I loved. The top's halter straps are long, thick, and stretchy so they were easy to tie. I just really appreciated the idea of being covered near water and knowing that I can be comfortable actively swimming or running around. I can't wait for the summer to actually arrive so that I can put this baby to use!! :)

Swim suit pieces are normally sold separately so here are the high waisted shorts which are $30. They are really comfy and you don't have to worry about anything riding up. I like they were a nice tightness around my thighs and go so high up. I feel very safe wearing them and they are lined as well (2 layers of fabric).

That's my review! I'm going to share some of my fave items and interview questions with you now!




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