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LDS Living--Ultimate Guide: Modest Swimsuits 2014

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on April 02 2014

It may be March, but believe it or not, swimsuits are out on the racks. And that means that spring is just around the corner!

Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with my swimsuit. I love it because it takes me to the pool, where I can finally enjoy some sun. But I hate it because it takes me to a million stores where I try to find a modest swimsuit for my six-foot-tall, imperfect body. I usually end up in a dressing room wading through a sea of swimsuits on the floor. This is why I'll wear one swimsuit down to bare threads before someone can persuade me to buy a new one. But this year, the modest swimsuits are everywhere! From Lime Ricki to Walmart, there is modest swimwear for all body and wallet sizes.

But here is my disclaimer: all bodies are different. What may be modest on one woman may not be modest on another. I know that some people don’t even like to wear swimsuits to the beach. To each her own! Wear what makes you feel modest and comfortable! I’m just so glad to have found some swimsuits that won’t plunge down my neckline or show off any midriff. And that won’t wipe out my bank account!


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