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Fred Rongo features Beverly Swimwear

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on April 02 2014

Okay you guys, it's getting close to swimsuit season! Utah can't make up it's mind, but I can feel it's getting close! So I'm going to share this product review to help you choose the best suit!

I am so excited to be working with Beverly Swimwear! I received this suit a bit ago and haven't gotten around to doing the review! I've been wanting to so badly but I've been so sick. (I feel like my morning sickness has only been getting worse!) I'm really happy I finally was able to review this suit because I am in LOVE.

Beverly from Beverly Swimwear is so, so talented. All of her suits are modest, vintage-style, customizable, andhandmade. Yes, handmade. My favorite part about her suits is how you can customize them. My favorite suit was the SASSY STRIPES suit. The model is wearing pink stripes, but I asked for it in the Red Stripes. On the site, she has a page of all the fabric images so you can see what they look like! She can make any suit in your favorite fabric. And, if you're in love with two (or more!) different suits, she can take what you love about each of them and combine them! It really is so great. She really works with you!

I also want to point out that the suit is great quality. Wearing the suit is really comfortable and I know its well-made. You can tell even with the pictures these suits don't look "handmade". You can see the quality, so you know the suit will last!

With a suit like this you'd think, "Geez, the price is going to be ridiculous." Which is definitely what I thought! I thought each suit would be at least $150+. But get this, the most expensive suit is $70!! It of course depends on if you want to customize. Still, it's such a good deal.

So if you're looking for a vintage-style, modest, affordable suit. You definitely need to check out BEVERLY SWIMWEAR. You won't be disappointed!!




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