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Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Beverly Brazier


Posted on March 05 2014

Frequently Asked Questions?


  1. Once I place my order for my swimsuit, when should I expect it to arrive?

When an order is placed I get working on making the swimsuit as soon as possible. It generally takes me a 1-2 weeks to construct the swimsuit. After the suit is made I ship it out immediately and shipping takes between 3-5 business days. International shipping takes roughly 6-10 business days.

This timeline is subject to change. During the busy season (March-August) there is a chance it may take longer for me finish each swimsuit. With more and more orders coming through Beverly Swimwear, I do my best to send you the swimsuits within 4-6 weeks of your purchase.

Please take this information into consideration when you place your order. I can never guarantee the swimsuit will arrive at a particular time. Just know that I am doing my best to give you a quality swimsuit within a timely manner.


  1. . I got my swimsuit and it doesn’t fit, can you fix this? How long will this take?

I am more than happy to help create the perfect swimsuit for you and your body type. Just send me an email at bev@beverlyswimwear.com letting me know the specific fit issues you may have with the swimsuit and I can tell you how I can fix the issue. It is also helpful for me to see a picture of how the swimsuit fits on your body (these photos will only be seen by me).

Send swimsuit back to the return address with a note reminding me of the parts that need to be adjusted. Once I receive the swimsuit I will work on making the swimsuit better for your body type, this can take a couple of days. When it is ready I will ship it out to you with the problem solved.


  1. I’d like to return my swimsuit, what is your return policy? And what is the process for a return?

Our return policy to customers is you may receive a full refund within 3 days of receiving their merchandise. The item must not be worn or damaged in order to receive a refund in full. Anytime after the first 3 days the item cannot be returned, no exceptions!

Swimming suits with any type of alteration or customization for that specific customer cannot be returned. But if there is a problem with the fit or style of the suit, I am more than happy to fix it as best as I can.

In order to process the return just send the swimsuit back to the return address. Once I receive the swimsuit I will immediately process the refund in full through PayPal.


  1.  I wish I could combine certain designs of two suits into one. Can I have you make a custom swimsuit made just for me?

I love creating new styles and getting ideas from what my customers want to see in there swimsuits. If you are interested in having a custom swimsuit just email me at bev@beverlyswimwear.com with the details and designs you would wish to have in you swimsuit. I will then send you a sketch of the suit I am able to make for you.

Once we have a clear idea of what you would like in your modest vintage inspired swimsuit there are two options available, regarding the sizing and pricing:

Option 1: If you choose a size from my size chart the total of this custom suit will be $100.

Option 2: You can also give me your body measurements, which will allow me to create a new pattern just for your body. I can then make you a fully customized swimsuit for $120.

Pricing may vary according to complexity of the swimsuit requested. When all is decided, I will send you an invoice through PayPal. And then I will get to work on creating the swimsuit of your dreams!


  1. I wish the straps on this suit were a tie instead of the halter (like in the image shown) and could you make it in this color combination instead. Can you make these adjustments for my swimsuit?

I want you to love the swimsuit as much as I do. It is generally no problem for me to make minor adjustments on a swimsuit, like add two straps here or take in the bust section.

If you would like an adjustment for your swimsuit just email me at bev@beverlyswimwear.com with what you would like done to your swimsuit and I will be more than happy to help create the swimsuit you want.

Just remember swimming suits with any type of alteration or customization for that specific customer cannot be returned. But if there is a problem with the fit or style of the suit, I am more than happy to fix it as best as I can and make the swimsuit to your exact specifications.


  1. Is there a way for me to see the other color options for each swimsuit?

All of my swimsuits are made to order and are shipped out as soon as possible. Therefore I unfortunately don’t have images of every modest swimsuit in every color combination.

You can check out my fabric options in my blog, which shows images of each color I have available (http://beverlyswimwear.com/fabric-images/).

Also on my facebook page I post photos of different colors options of my swimsuits. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beverly-Swimwear/115711198512671


  1. My body measurements are in between sizes, which size should I pick?

If you body measurements happen to be in between two sizes I suggest going for the smaller size. The fabric I use is a spandex nylon blend and does stretch quite a bit. Check out the size chart.

If you don’t believe that would work for your body type, I have no problem making a new size for your body type. Just email me with details and I explain what I can do to give your swimsuit the best fit possible. Email: bev@beverlyswimwear.com


  1. What is the bra support like?

There are bra inserts sewn/placed into the swimsuit and they are also removable if necessary. The cup sizes I have available are A/B and B/C. It does cost an additional $5 to have bra support put into your swimsuit. 



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    I received my swimsuit today and think it is cute, but it doesn’t fit. I am older and short. I think I just need a smaller size because the fabric is so stretchy. I will send it back for a smaller size. Thanks for the modest swimwear.

    Posted by Joan Van Leeuwen | July 10, 2014
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